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Baker % Calc - Android App

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Baker % Calc - Android App

I want to share with you a simple App I did and I use every week for my baking (pizza, bread and brioche) ... if you use baking % formula for your dough formulation you know what it is.

It runs on any Android smartphone (Android > 4.0) and you can find it on Amazon AppStore in two versions here: DEMO and FULL.

You can try the demo version directly from you phone browser at this link DEMO WEB VERSION
I suggest using a modern web browser (ex. chrome on android, iOS >= 7)

App Description
Baker % Calculator is a simple % calculator for amateur or professional bakers.
We support % formula including preferments (yeasted or sourdough based).
You can save, edit and scale any formula for your favorites dough.
The App let you scale your dough by weight or total flour you want to mix.
You can save your formulas in the 'Recipes Book' and add to the 'Favorites Dough' your recipe scaled down and ready to be used.
The Import/Export Recipe Book feature let you backup your formulas.

DEMO VERSION: Recipes Book and Favorites Dough are not permanently saved (lost when you close the app), no import/export Recipe Book function.

Supported Languages: EN, DE, IT

For any question or support contact me at

Here a video and few screenshots:

Baker % Calc - Demo



If you are reading from your phone click this link to try the SHARE RECIPE feature!


Happy baking!


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Sadly, I just got rid of my Android:-(

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If you have iPhone I have the same, but I didn't published on AppleStore because of the 99$/year for the developer account :(

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just love it. My son is an Android developer.... BUt I have an iphone. Sigh

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... then it would work anywhere.


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... it is!

You can try the demo version directly from this link DEMO WEB VERSION

I suggest using a modern web browser (ex. chrome on android, iOS >= 7)

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