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Best Authentic Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

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Best Authentic Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

Hi Everyone...

Not to start an impassioned debate, but.. my family and I are going on a road trip to Chicago this summer. I want to eat a classic brilliant deep dish pizza.. what's the best place to try while there?


Any thoughts? Thanks, !


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For my money, it's got to be Lou Malnati's

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The caramelized cheese crust at Pequod's stands out.

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Lou Malnati's.  Gino's is very good too, and I've eaten both many times, but I like Lou's the best!

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I not a fan of Lou Malnati's at all.  Giordano's would be my first choice.  Of course I also arrogantly believe that I can make a deep dish pie that's just as good.

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I had a layover in Chicago just a month ago. My flight was delayed and I found myself with four hours on my hands. What to do? Of course, go for some deep dish pizza. I ended up at Giordano's nearby the airport - maybe 10 minutes away. Honestly, it was terrible. The crust was like eating compressed wood. It was dense, hard, had no flavour and I just couldn't finish it. Needless to say, I won't try it. But maybe it was just that one restaurant.

But from the comments above it looks like I need to try Lou's in August! Many thanks for the suggestions!!!