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Vertical barrel rocket oven.

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Vertical barrel rocket oven.

I was doing a search for something else entirely when I came across this (warning PDF bomb):

On page 31 to 34 there is a vertical rocket powered low mass bread oven that passes hot gasses directly over loaves of bread.

On one hand it seems incredibly simple and effective, but on the other hand would there be problems with smoke in direct contact with bread?

I'm tearing apart the last failed WFO experiment and pretty much have everything I'd need to build one, but I'd like to think it through before just jumping into another failed project. 


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I'm sure it will have a deflector of some sort fitted.

I made some bread on my BBQ last weekend - the unit has a deflector (basically another pizza stone) which can be used when roasting, or you double that up with another pizza stone to bake bread on.

There was a feint smoke/bbq sort of aroma about the bread, but it wan't unpleasant.


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is a side opening for fresh air intake.   Where the sticks go in, at the bottom where the chamber turns right in the sketch, there should be an air intake opening that goes left to the outside at the level where the stick burn.  Thsis will make it work much better.

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Jon OBrien

...take the advice offered by A.F. Beddoe to moonshiners in the song Copper Kettle:

"Build you a fire with hickory, hickory, ash and oak
Don't use green or rotten wood
They'll get you by the smoke"


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'And just lay there by the juniper, while the moon is bright...'

That is one of the first songs I ever learned to play on guitar, some 50 odd years ago.

I was just searching on Rocket Stoves and stumbled upon this. You brought back some fine memories.




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Jon OBrien

 I busked it around Europe 40 and more years ago.