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Artisan baking across america

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Artisan baking across america

I want to order the book "artisan baking across America" from Maggie Glezer. But I saw now that it is not printed anymore. But that there is a "new" edition called "Artisan Baking". This edition is first of all a paper back, second it has fewer pages and third the size is smaller. I think this book was so good because of it pictures and design. So I am thinking now if is the new edition really different compared to the first one? If not that then I can order here in the Netherlands the latest edition, otherwise I am thinking to order a second hand one from America, which is gonna take a lot more effort and time.

Is there anyone who has made this comparison and can give me some advise? Thanks

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I have both the hardcover and the paperback versions.  They are identical.

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I tend to prefer a hardback in good used condition over a softcover for reference books.  They're just easier to work with, especially if I want to lay them open on the counter.  Of course I don't have to pay overseas shipping.

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 Try, a used book site.  I have found several books there that I couldn't find anywhere else.