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Large Wood Fired oven cooking times

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Large Wood Fired oven cooking times


I've seen a few videos where in a working bakery they use this giant woodfired ovens to bake over 40 breads. But they put thel in per 5. How do the first breads don't burn by the time the last one is ready?




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Mini Oven

:)   (attracting attention,  I thought that "large oven" referred to big electric american kitchen ovens.)  :)

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I edited the title so that it is more clear.



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I worked such an oven for a few years or rather was a slave to one.

How long are the baking times you ask: for an 800g bread about 50 minutes. Being that the breads are individually peeled in the loading time takes a few minutes, this had to be done as quickly as possible , so that the steam could be injected before the first loaves dried out. With such an oven, especially a direct fired one, there is a certain amount of loaf shuffling taking place as the bake progresses. The oven load was also seldom all removed at the same time.

Here is a link to photos of the beast i'm going on about.


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Any chance the videos you mentioned are online? I wouldn't mind seeing a big oven in use.

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and quite inspirational videos too.

I've just gotten a tiny (by these standards!) indirect fired WFO. (Fornetto) Just getting to grips with it - getting steam into it is fairly hard by all accounts - its really intended for general (domestic garden) baking and pizzas, but I'm going to try some more bread directly in it today to see how it goes.

It has a fairly typical "pizza stone" base (rectangular) which I might well replace with a 10mm steel plate at some point so I'll be less worried about spraying water into it.