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Fun Bakes and King Arthur Flour Visit

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Fun Bakes and King Arthur Flour Visit

I haven't posted a lot as it seems I have been traveling all the time, but I have been baking, so I will share some of those photos.  When I found out that we were so close to the King Arthur Flour HQ during our New England trip, I just had to go visit there.  It was so much fun, and I wanted to buy everything.  Generally, carrying flour in one's suitcase does make it a lot heavier, and I am already at the limit!  I got a gift certificate for my birthday, so I will be ordering a lot of KAF goods when we aren't traveling so much.  When I have been home or in kitchens where I have my starter, I made lots of breads for family and friends.  The photo on the left shows breads baked in my California kitchen; the one on the right was baked in the Midwest for a birthday party for my sister and best friend.

I made a gift basket for a friend who suffered a terrible loss, and she and her kids seemed to enjoy it.  I threw in some cheese and other goodies after I took this photo.  Homemade bread makes such a wonderful gift that I have been buying gift bags and giving it away on a regular basis. People really seem to love it, particularly when it's still warm as it smells so good, as all of you know well.

I was baking so much lately that it seemed like the counters (and me) were constantly covered in flour.  It annoys my husband if I get too much flour on the flour.  Let's just say there were plenty of white sprinkles on the flour until the vacuum was brought out. (In the UK, it's called Hoovering. My husband is expert at it!)

I have been pretty boring in my baking and made a lot of classic sourdoughs and David's San Joaquin baguettes.  I think David would be proud of me, however, as I now know the recipe by heart.  I am always tinkering, however, with all the recipes.

I made some bread for my doctor, and she requested some starter, so I have got her all set up with a jar of starter and an easy recipe to start baking bread and maintain her starter.  She wants to try and bake her own sourdough with her sister.  I really hope it turns out, and they have a wonderful sisterly baking session.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather and all the best to you in your baking.  Phyllis



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Edo Bread

Lots of beautiful bread as always! Thanks for sharing they look wonderful. I would imagine a trip to KA would be a lot of fun, I too have the "if I am in the area I will go" thought just waiting for the opportunity. These all look so top notch I am jealous of your friends  - what great gifts!

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Edo Bread:  I could have bought so much, and my husband said the pastries looked top notch.  Will have to visit again some day.  I do think that giving bread as gifts is so nice and appreciated so much.  Thanks for your comments.  Best, Phyllis

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Your bread would make a fine gift for anyone - lucky friends.  I put some homemade jam with mine on occasion and they both disappear fast even though they usually aren't white breads.  I'm working on making some cultured butter  for gifting too but haven't gotten around to it with all the fixing going on around here of late.  The KA trip sounds like a blast.  i also wish I had a Master Hoovering Mate as well.   I tried teaching Lucy but she is like a dense crumb when it comes to cleaning if you know what i mean.  Pretty and cute for sure but woefully lacking in Advanced Hoovering Methodology,

Enjoy your travels - well done and 

Happy baking 

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dabrownman:  I told my husband that Lucy is not as expert at Hoovering as he is.  We are on the way to the UK, so his Hoovering skills will be on full display.  He does it so much that he keeps busting the belts, and they aren't easy to find! Fingers crossed that my starter is OK when I arrive in the UK....I wish I could have got so many things at KA to bring to the UK....Will try and post some of the UK bakes.  Thanks for your comments and all the best, Phylis

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Those are some beautiful looking loaves of bread Phyllis.  Such a rewarding thing to see people enjoy what you have created.

Look forward to see some of you new bakes this spring and summer.



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Ian: I surprised some friends, and they really loved it.  I will do more bakes in the UK for family and friends.  I tend to get some requests, so i am sure I will be busy.  Look forward to your bakes as well. Take care,  Phyllis