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oven plans

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oven plans

 i have checked out fornobravo but they seem to specialize in pizza ovens.

but i will check it out more thoroughly

thanks Eric

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What kind of oven are you looking to build?  The book The Bread Builders is a great place to start.  Between that and a set of plans from Allen Scott's Co and my husband and I are working our way thru building one ourselves.

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The Bread Stone...



I’m pretty new to this forum, but my name is Antoine with The Bread Stone Ovens Co. I started this company for the love of wood fired cooking, as I grew up in France- and know there are several that share my passion for pizza, bread baking etc. that would like to either build an oven themselves, or let me build it for them using Frances best oven building technique making the ovens the most durable, and have the best heat retention. ˆ

I see you’re gathering information on brick ovens, but if you’d like to ask me anything about building vs. buying assembled, build etc.  i’d be glad to be the one to answer for you.  

Here’s a link to my business website so you can familiarize yourself to our French ovens.

Best of luck! 


Antoine Cantarel