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Choosing the right type of oven

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Choosing the right type of oven

I'm interested in building a brick oven for pizza and bread but I have some questions. The first is that I'm not sure about the availability and price of wood where I live (central China). Is it possible to burn coal instead of wood? What about a rocket oven design? Is a rocket oven suitable for pizza?

After heating up a WFO, how do you clean the baking surface of ash before placing dough on it? It seems there will inevitably be some ash getting into the baked product. What about with a rocket oven?

I'm leaning towards a rocket oven because it seems like it will burn cleaner, use less fuel, and have a cleaner cooking surface (less ash). Are there any major drawbacks to the rocket oven design vs. traditional brick oven?

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You could burn coal instead of wood, firing would be much quicker, choose whichever fuel source is cheaper/more plentiful.

WFO floors are usually cleaned with a mop or a brush prior to placing the dough.

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Hi reedlaw

The guys on this website are real enthusiasts when it comes to WFOs! Lots of advice and support. (Bit like on here! :) )

Tell them Breadandwine sent you.

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I'd like to first introduce myself as I am fairly new to this forum- my name is Antoine, and I custom build wood fired brick ovens as a business in Dallas, Tx. Fairly small business, and whether you were to buy an oven, oven kit, or any accessories I am super passionate about helping people understand their options in this market. I grew up in France, making breads, and all sorts of cuisines, so I am passionate about the food made in the ovens. 

My ovens are built with a French style organic bricked dome, and other materials to insulate the heat therefore making the ovens energy efficient, as well as taking less effort to fire it up with wood. They are made to cool off slowly therefore keeping the heat for long periods of time to make other things such as pizza for lunch, roast chicken for dinner, pies for desert all from one firing. I would love it if you could take a look at the details of our ovens, as I made it to where we can build it for you- OR you can assemble yourself with your desired outside finish.

Here is a link to my website with information on what makes a wood fired brick oven a good choice for your cooking needs

At the moment we are wanting to make room at our warehouse as well and have some components at a discount.

--- If you have any questions about brick ovens in general, I would love to be of assistance.


Kind regards,