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Todays bake

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Todays bake

The bread is our fav. Wheat and Wholemeal loaf.

I also tried my hand on Tang Zhong custard buns , but I failed.

They tasted GREAT but they are misshapen , I could not get the technique right. pfff

Never mind, I thought I show them anyways, since I baked them. ha

Hubby wants me to make them again. wahhhh

Maybe in time I get the technique right

Here goes * runs and hides under desk *


They also turned out to be share an tear and my eggwash is not the best either. 

Yep, the custard spilled out of some of them. sighhhhhhh




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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Look divine. Love the bread too. 

You think this is not so good? I wish my 'not so good' would be like this.

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Well, the families verdict was : MEGA YUMMY :)

That is what we want to hear right? lol

I had no trouble making the  dough, nor making the pastry cream or the Tang Zhong.

I had no trouble dividing the dough * weighing it  of course * and make little balls.

I had no trouble rolling out those dough balls and put the cream in the middle of each flat disk.

I HAD HUGE BIG FAT HUUUUUUUGE  trouble closing the damn things and achieve a round nice formed filled balls. pffffff

Mine looked not like hers in the video.

Mind you, I was impressed with my piping of the flour and water paste to get those swirls.

Next time, and YES , there will be a next time I shall do better with the eggwash too.

I am a bread girl and not made for blooming pastry. pffff

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is when your family asks for to to bake it again. Petra, your laces look so beautiful that I want you to vacation here so my family can enjoy your lovely bread.

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That is such a wonderful compliment:)

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Ingrid G

pretend you are making filled dumplings (I'm talking about the Austrian dumplings like speck/apricot-filled etc).

First, hold the flat disk in your hand and then cup your hand. This gives you a 'well'. Then put the filling into it and carefully close the pastry all around it, making sure there are no air pockets. This way you won't lose any filling.

Should work a treat!

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it did not work as the dough is stretchy and at the same time shrinks back.

You have to roll out the small balls * 76g each * and then fill the custard in the middle that is all well and good, but bringing the sides up in a manner that you not end up with a big blob in the middle ... 

It looks so easy the way she does it in the Video. pffff

I make the apricots dumplings, they are soooo good, my Dad was from Austria and it was one of  his fav. dishes.

They are called  *Marillenknödel* 

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Ingrid G

Would you mind including the video link? Would like to watch how 'she' does it.

Oh yes, those Marillenknödeln! Or Zwetschkenknödeln?

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Marillen are apricots and Zwetschgen are the plums that are oval shaped and dark blue:)

Yes, those are good too in the knödel, we like to make those too.

I half them , put a sugar cube in them , close them and then put them in the Knödel, the same with the apricots.

And when they are still hot you roll them in a mix of sugar and cinamon.

I am drooling here.


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I'm a big bun man and even if they are exploding they have to be tasty.  Well done all the way around!

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Thank you soooo much, makes me feel better.

They ARE very tasty, but a nighmare to fill and close up ...


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Petra:  The bread and buns look fab to me.  Sounds like it was another time where both the bread and buns vanished very quickly. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.  Best,  Phyllis

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Thank you Phyllis.

bread never stands a chance in my house, we all love bread.

My 2 oldest sons * both work * asked to take one of the buns each to work today and my daughter wanted to take one to school to * show off * tsss

I shall practicing the filling and closing up of those darn buns. ha


Semplicemente magnifici tutti e due i prodotti. Complimenti!!!!

Grazie per aver condiviso.