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Sprouted Rye.

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Sprouted Rye.


Over the last few days I took my first crack at sprouting grains. It was a resounding success that I feel has probably opened the door to more experimentation and exciting flavors in my bread. This one is primarily sprouted rye flour, sprouted rye berries and seeds. It's a great loaf of dense hearty bread. It smells super malty and sweet and the flavor of the seeds come through nicely.

Here's how I made it

192g Sifted fresh ground hard red (34%)

343g Whole fresh groung sprouted rye (61%)

54g Rye Levain (5% water, 5% rye)

341g Sprouted rye berries (61%)

84g Toasted sunflower seeds (15%)

28g Toasted sprouted pumpkin seeds (5%)

14g Salt (2 1/2%)


30 minute autolyse

mix and rest for 45 minutes

shape and ferment for two hours at room temp

16 1/4 hours in the fridge

5 1/4 hours warming up on a heating pad

bake at 450 for 45 minutes then at 430 for 50 minutes

cool for 24 hours and slice.




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is hard to go back.  I bet this bread tastes especially good,hearty healthy and deeply complex.  Well done and

Happy baking

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I always love your slice pictures. What kind of loaf pan do you use? Seems fairly small.

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Awesome looking loaf.  I agree with DA...sprouting is addictive!

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Love the seeds.  This loaf had to be delicious.  Thanks for sharing. Best,  Phyllis

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THAT looks like the bread I used to buy in Germany and loved so much.

It goes so well with just butter and fried egg on top or with butter and tomato slices pepper and salt. yum

Oh I need to bake this!!

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I bet it tastes very good, too.