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Spelt break falls apart when slicing

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Spelt break falls apart when slicing

I'm new to baking with Spelt bread and a novice baking bread.  I followed a Bob's Red Mill's  spelt oat bread recipe. It tastes great and is nice and moist but when it's sliced it just falls apart into sections.

Here's the recipe

It's a no knead recipe. The dough was quite sticky. The yeast looked like it proofed.  The bread did rise.  Maybe I over mixed it ? 

I  used Fleischman's Bread Machine (rapid rise) yeast. The recipe called for Active Yeast.  Could this be the problem ?

I let it rise for 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes - could this cause the problem ?

The recipe says put it in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight. It was in the fridge for 2 hours.

I will try this recipe again. Maybe I'll try the Active Yeast, and let it rise for 30 minutes, or a bit more flour, or maybe a teaspoon or two of  xanthan gum, or ???

Your insights and advice would be greatly appreciated :0)

Thank You




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Mini Oven

before baking.  Spelt is notorious for stretching beyond what it should simply because it can.  Then you have a great crust with a crumb too delicate to cut.  Great for soup bowls by the way.  Or if you want a crust shell to fill.   Easter baskets?

I used Fleischman's Bread Machine (rapid rise) yeast. The recipe called for Active Yeast.  Could this be the problem ? 

Yup.  You answered your own Q. 

Cut way down on the rapid yeast (or skip the bulk rise) or return to Active yeast or proof in less time and get the loaf into the oven early when compared to regular wheat dough.  Forget the gum.  I'm more for slower than a faster process (esp. with whole grains) so do what you can to slow down fermentation, can even use ice cold water and chilled flour.  Watch the dough and don't let it get anywhere near "double" during the rises.  If it does rise too fast too high, tame it, knock it down and make it proof again. 

Spelt and Oats!  I love spelt and oats.  :)

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Thank you Mini Oven for responding.

I will use your recommendations and try it again this weekend. This time I will use Active yeast, and let it rise for just 30 minutes.  I will post the results :0)

The recipe didn't mention a pan size. I did it in a 9x5. I've seen a few recipes that didn't give a pan size. It's probably not the problem, but next time I think I'll do an 8x4 size so it's a taller loaf. Is there a standard size ? 

Thanks again!

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Try adding a couple of tablespoons of whey protein isolate.  It can help the "crumbliness".  Also a teaspoon of xanthan gum can help it hold together.