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Today's bake

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Today's bake

This is just our * daily * bread , or every other day bread as I bake every 3 days these days.

Left proved in a bowl with a floured cloth and right proved in a banneton * must get second large banneton *

I love a simple bread as long as it has bags of taste it does not need to look beautiful:)

No crumb shot yet as they bread is still to hot to slice.

Once I made a crumb shot I shall add it.

Those 2 bread won't last long in my house. doh

Here is * Gordon * my 50% hydration starter , just fed and ready for the fridge, I pull him out Monday for the next loafs. Or earlier depending how fast those 2 loafs dissapear. pfff



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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Well hello there Gordon. I like your hat. 

Nice start to the weekend. Enjoy. 

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lol, thank you AbeNW11.

Yep, my Gordon  has style. hehe

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Love these breads very much.  Now bale an extra one and get it in the freezer so you can get some sleep:-)  Well done and 

Happy Baking

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... or I just tell my greedy family : DO NOT TOUCH until mum says so. ha

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Petra:  Beautiful breads. Love the flour on the outside and the scoring.  Good height as well.  Congratulations!  Best,  Phyllis

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Thank you very much Phyllis, that is so kind of you.

It took AGES for me to score so that it looks right. 

Using my good old trusted bread knife for the lower hydration breads, is the easiest way.

The lame for the wetter dough, but I do not make wet dough much anymore.