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Ovens to envy

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108 breads

Ovens to envy

A lighthearted explanation of oven lust before I start visiting bakeries and other establishments with beautiful ovens. My loaves would be happy to be baked in one, but I am far from ready for a DIY oven in the backyard. 

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I felt the need and explored the subject last year. I suggest you read The Bread Builders by Alan Scott and Daniel Wing for the true brick oven and Kiko Denzer for the lower tech cob oven approach. I decided that the volume of bread or other food coming out of an oven even a small one was too much for our or our friends needs and a smaller volume did not justify the work and time needed to properly heat one. You may have different circumstances. BTW The Bread Builders has one of the best explanations of the bread baking process I have read. 


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108 breads

I will definitely get those books. I do not have a need for a large oven and, frankly, the idea of having something so hot in the middle of the backyard, is a bit scary. I just wouldn't mind trying out a nice oven somewhere else.

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I found that Richard Miscovich's 'From the Wood Fired Oven' is also an excellent follow-up to The Bread Builders... and it provides some helpful suggested improvements to the Alan Scott wfo model.. that set the standard. I completed a 2 year build of an Alan Scott wfo this past summer- and we are thrilled with it. In addition to breads and pizza... there are may terrific other items that are excellent to cook in a wfo

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The Bread Stone...


I’m pretty new to this forum, but my name is Antoine with The Bread Stone Ovens Co. I started this company for the love of wood fired cooking, as I grew up in France- and know there are several that share my passion for pizza, bread baking etc. that would like to either build an oven themselves, or let me build it for them using Frances best oven building technique making the ovens the most durable, and have the best heat retention. I see on your thread you aren’t quite ready for a DIY oven, but if you’d like to ask me anything about building vs. buying assembled, i’d be glad to be the one to answer for you.  Wood fired ovens are definitely a process to understand the size you’d like/need, and the finish etc. feel free to email or contact me with your ideas at

Here are a few oven ex. for a residential or business. Mobile Cart