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Storm-Born Sourdough

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Storm-Born Sourdough

It's been a weird few weeks in central North Carolina. We're not used to seeing this much snow here -- especially not this close to March!

This week in particular has been particularly rough. Long story short, I had planned a few different bakes for mid-week, only to be hit with two consecutive snow storms, the second of which led to an extended power outage. 

Now, I'm pretty tough. Normally losing my refrigerator for a few days wouldn't bother me that much. Problem is...this time I had two massive tubs of dough going, both of them experiments with 80% hydration, 20% whole wheat loaves leavened purely with pate fermentee equal to 30% of the total weight of the loaves.

To his credit, my husband only teased me twice as I insisted on carrying the two large dough tubs to place in the car for the duration of the outage. They were both already slightly over-fermented, but I am a firm believer in dough-adaptability, so I was determined to salvage them! 

We finally gained power this morning, and I baked off one batch of pate fermentee batards. The crumb was not quite as custardy and open as that which I'm used to at 80% hydration, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly because of that over-long cold bulk in the back of my Ford Fiesta. The taste was still really excellent -- simultaneously malty and tangy. 

It's always good to remember that with the possibilities presented by long-retarding (even in the back seat of a car), flatbreads, pizza, and pate fermentee...we really almost never need to waste a dough! 





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Love the crust and crumb - nicely open for 20% whole grains.  Has to be tasty with the old dough in the mix too. Waste not, want not!  SD is very forgiving once you get the hang at salvage work :-)

Well done and happy baking 

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about storing tubs of dough in the car! We'll do what it takes!

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Edo Bread

That is a new one... but it looks tasty!

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Knowing the dough is a handy thing.

I'm currently completely mangling a Field Blend #2 batch, timewise, but am hopeful it'll turn out.

I like the bread-brain photo!

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I wish I'd taken pictures of the spectacle...

Never, ever let adverse circumstances keep you from realizing the potential of your dough!

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Mini Oven

I was seeing:    Where did that centre brown line come from?  Wow, a round loaf with a potato nail!  Then "brain bread" before I realised the mirror image and the not cut thru bottom crust.   Cool!  Thanks for the freak out.

Great looking breads!  Esp. like the floured collar effect and tasty crunchy crust.  Good photography makes me hungry.  :)