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We 3 gmas did the Meringue-a!

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We 3 gmas did the Meringue-a!

The word of the week for our baking was "meringue" take it where it leads you!!! As you can see from the lead in picture... it lead Barbra to Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies!!! Those ought to be illegal... maybe there ARE illegal in Texas... but in Washington, they look like a hit.  These are all boxed up to take to her grandson's worksite


Chocolate Chip Meringue! Oh my! You have to wonder how well they would mail??? 

Helen made the family favorite Lemon Meringue Pie... all that wonderful lemon curd and meringue... In the dictionary this picture must be along side the word, happiness... and with the second crust of her two crust recipe, she made a pecan pie... lovely, beautiful and I am sure delicious!

Do those look wonderful or what!!! 

I made a batch of Pavlova... and instead of making a big circular pavlova on a pie plate I used an upside down cupcake pan to make serving sized individuals.


After flipping the little "bowls" over... I filled them with strawberry-banana yogurt, banana slices, and a mixed berry sauce... quite tasty!  I am going to add apple pie filling and caramel sauce to them tonight for dessert.

That's it, that was all the fun we had in addition to making our usual breads and cakes, etc... Next week,


Happy Baking!

Barbra, Diane, and Helen

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are 2 of the basic food groups around here and these are some fine examples.   I see there is some chocolate in one too a 3rd food group   The upside down Pavlova Fruity Meringue is unique.  Well done and

Happy Baking GMA's