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Wrappings for gift breads

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Janet Yang

Wrappings for gift breads

My daughter keeps giving away my bread to her friends and has depleted my supply of gift bags. How do you package the breads you share? It doesn't have to be fancy; we just don't want to hand it over in a plastic grocery bag!


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You need the thin type that gift shops use. I use 2 sheets. Loaf on-top, patterend side down, then bring 2 sheets up each side, then tops of the sheets together and roll (or pleat) down to the top of the loaf. You now have a tube surrounding your loaf (obviously arrange the loaf lengthways if it's not a boulle!). Just fold the empty ends under the loaf and off you go.

Possibly not the best explanation but I don't have anything to hand to photo...

Ah, google to the rescue:

I think it's a classic French boulangerie way but no 100% sure...


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I also give away some of the bread I bake and use a number of options, depending on the size of the loaf and the distance it has to travel.

For a simple "over the back fence " delivery to a neighbor, I use brown paper lunch bags.  I've found then in regular and large sizes.  I write the name of the bread in nice script on the bag and tape it closed for safekeeping...this is the poor baker's version of what an artisanal bakery would do.

If the bread is a more formal gift or needs to travel a bit further, I use clear plastic goodie bags or gift basket bags I found at the dollar store.  I close them tightly with decorative ribbon and attach a hang tag or a sticky label reading "Windischgirl's Bakery" and the name of the bread. The plastic does soften the crust but also keeps the bread from drying out too quickly.

i'd love to find a source for cheap white paper boxes, but what I can find runs over $1 a I guess that idea will have to wait for my retail store!!

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Mini Oven

big square ones.  Can buy or make your own from the bolt.

I place the loaf in the middle and tie opposite corners together and make knots.  

The last knot makes a handle to carry. 

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A gift that keeps on giving... terrific idea, Mini!


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I like Mini's tea towel idea.  I wouldn't want to put a crusty loaf in a plastic bag. Here are some additional ideas:

  • Check out your local thrift shop for cheap wicker baskets (they are always plentiful). Line with a cloth napkin.
  • Sew up some muslin bags with simple drawstring enclosure.
  • Whenever you buy wine/booze ask nicely for some extra bags -- work great for baguettes and batards
  • Use parchment or butcher paper to wrap the loaf and tie with string.
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I give a lot of bread away and I use plastic bread bags that can be purchased HERE.  I allow the breads to cool completely before they are bagged.  I live in a dry climate so mold isn't an issue for me.

Bags are closed with colorful ribbon and a homemade tag labeling the type of bread.

Have Fun,