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Kindle edition of Tartine Bread for $2.99

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Kindle edition of Tartine Bread for $2.99

I hope this post is not seen as advertising but I bought the Kindle edition of Tartine Bread for $2.99 at tonight.

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Unfortunately I couldn't - they won't sell .ca books to the UK!

So I'll have to cough up £2.99 instead of around £1.70 - disgraceful!


Thanks for the alert - I'll check out other cookbooks for Kindle, especially as it works nicely on the iPad (I assume)

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Bits and bites cost more in the UK, maybe they are better quality.


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pmiker has it for $2.99 as well.  I normally don't get cookbooks on the Kindle but I think I'll check this one out since I do not have it in my library.

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Did they fix all the mistakes in the Kindle edition that were in the book?

Curious. Because if it's no longer a coffee table book with nice photos

the recipes matter even more.

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Baliw2, could you point out the most glaring mistakes? I was not aware that there were so many in the book. Thanks

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Being unable to use my desktop for several months, I bought the largest Android tablet sold ( a Samsung Galaxy Tab S), uploaded my recipes to Dropbox, and am IN LOVE with the ability to see all my 4 x 6 cards expanded to 10.5 x 5.5 inches which I can read across the room!  I will do that with all of them eventually.  My hubby has to do the cooking for now, and using my tablet is perfect for him as I tutor him.  Amazon has many cookbooks for my Kindle Reader app and a lot of free ones too!  I will never again squint at a tiny handwritten recipe!  This is the best reason for buying a tablet!

I bought the Amazon US edition just now!  Thanks for the heads up!  But someone please explain any mistakes in the book?





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I'll have to google those.  In the meantime I have to figure out what all the french words mean.  At least the Kindle app can access a dictionary and wikipedia to help translate them.