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dmsnyder's sourdough take IV (with some edits)

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dmsnyder's sourdough take IV (with some edits)

I know I haven't posted in a while, so here's a recent loaf.

Formula was dmsnyder's SF sourdough take IV (


  • Bread flour instead of AP (Gold Medal Better for Bread)
  • Upped hydration by 3% (To account for higher protein flour)
  • Subbed all type 70 high extraction flour in per-ferment (Central Milling, what my starter is always fed)
  • Subbed type 80 high extraction flour (Central Milling) instead of whole wheat flour in final dough
  • Scaled to 700g (I have a new, smaller, dutch oven)
  • Post-shape dough retarded for approx. 48 hours in fridge
  • Baked in pre-heated Dutch oven (500F for 12 mins, lid off for 5 mins at 450F, removed from dutch oven and finished on stone for 5 more minutes at 450F

Wish that I had crumb pictures, but the bread was turned into a bread bowl at a party for some spinach onion sour cream dip, and was devoured before proper pictures could be taken.

Thanks dmsnyder for the awesome formula, and happy baking everyone!


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with that crunchy blistered crust and the fancy circular scoring,  Well done and

Happy Baking

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I'll upload a closer pictures of the blisters later, they really came out, and crackled/shattered when I held the bread.

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photo as well.