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Yeast dying in freezer?

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Yeast dying in freezer?

So I've starting making pretzel rolls. My rolls do a dry rise and then they go into the freezer to harden so that they are easier to dip them into lye (sodium hydroxide … gives them the nice dark crust!). This has been working really well the past couple months and this past week I've been putting the rolls into the freezer and they start flattening out and getting wrinkled. When I bake them they are coming out dense and flat! Is this the freezer not being cold enough and the yeast dying in there? 

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Without the recipe you have used it is impossible to help.

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They are flattening & getting wrinkled in the freezer? 

It's possible they they may be overproofing now, because of the "dry rise" you specify before going into the freezer. My guess is that several months ago it was springtime and air temps were cooler, and you might have been letting them rise the same amount of time.

How do you keep your yeast? Old yeast is another possibility. Does the yeast work as expected in other recipes? Buying some fresh yeast is an easy way to eliminate this possibility