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You know your a bread baker when...

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You know your a bread baker when...

I made a loaf of bread and replaced 20% of the flour with barley that I ground in my spice (a.k.a. coffee) grinder and sifted it. The loaf came out nice and had a nutty smell and flavor to it. Now you know your a bread baker when... I had some left over barley and used it to feed my levain. After leaving it for two days I took it out and gave it a sniff. It had a nice fermented fruity smell. Awesome I thought. Wife was there so I said "smell this, its got a nice fruity smell to it now". So she did and promptly barfed there in the kitchen saying "dear god thats horrible!". I didnt think so, but she loved the bread it made. And I didnt think it smelled bad. I wonder how well my deodorant is really working?

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Your car has a coating of flour inside and out.  

Your at your mental peaks between the hours of 8pm-8am.  

You most common question is "What day is it?"

I'll come up with some more


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It's wednesday and your starting the process for bread baking on Saturday or Sunday!

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Done that!

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I am doing that exact thing right now!

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You wake up from a dream about baking, only to go straight to the kitchen and start baking.

You watch the stock exchange only to see where grain prices are at


You find yourself reading a food article about some new seed, nut, fruit, etc and your mind wonders what it would taste like in a bread or bread based concoction 





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and blow flour all over your hankie.

You know your a baker when: your manicurist charges you extra for digging out the hardened flour out from under your fingernails.

You know your a baker when: your family mutters under their breath, oh no not again! when you open you special baking cupboard and gaze longingly into the infinite variety of grains and flours arranged according to hydration requirements.

You know your a baker when: You start a YouTube channel called "Will it Rise?"

You know your a baker when: You go to the mall and have a TShirt made that says "My Crumb Is Better Than Your Crumb"

You know your a baker when: Your old TShirt said on it "Yeast? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Yeast!"

You know your a baker when: Your house smells good all the time and friends stop by for "no reason at all", but you really know its really for your rustic artisan bread.

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Does anyone know where I can get two custom t-shirts made now?

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apprentice 2nd class jumps up on the back of the couch to spring 2' across the chasm to the counter top where she could pick any number of delicacies to eat and chooses to eat a fresh quarter of the last Friday's 70% whole grain SD bake!  Talk about good taste!  Way to go Lucy:-)

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You know your a baker when: You call into work late because your loafs need another 10 min and then they'll be perfect.


I bake my breads before work after a night in the fridge.

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Don't you feel claustrophobic in the fridge?

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Its nice in here, the wild yeast keep me company and the chicken really doesnt talk much.

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David Esq.

at the supermarket gives you the willies. 

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Actually, it just kind of makes me sad and a little angry.

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Or you avoid that aisle all together.

Know you're a bread baker when you put off going to sleep because "the bread just isn't risen all the way yet, and it's too risen to go in the fridge!"

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"I'll come to bed after I finish mixing my preferments, dear."