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Avoid drunkenness by eating yeast???

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Avoid drunkenness by eating yeast???

OK, how true is this, from Esquire magazine?

How to Drink All Night Without Getting DrunkJim Koch knows beer. He also knows a beer trick that may change your life.


"You wanna know my secret? How I can drink beer all night long and never get drunk?" 

In fact, I had always wondered that. Though this was the first time I’d ever formally met Koch, I’d “met” him in the past at a few beer festivals. Those sorts of events are always kind of Bacchanalian shit shows, with people imbibing dozens of beer samples in a short period and soon stumbling around large convention halls drunk of their asses. Brewers included. But not Koch, who I’d long noticed was always lucid, always able to hold court, and hold his own with those much younger than him. This billionaire brewing raconteur was doing likewise with me at 4 PM on a Thursday afternoon despite the fact we were both now several beers deep. So what was the secret?



“Active yeast. Like you get at the grocery store.”

Koch told me that for years he has swallowed your standard Fleischmann’s dry yeast before he drinks, stirring the white powdery substance in with some yogurt to make it more palatable.

“One teaspoon per beer, right before you start drinking.”


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I really love drinking a good beer. I also loathe being drunk. The net is that I never drink as much beer as I'd like. If it works for me, look in hog heaven if you  need me.



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Well *that* is interesting. I wonder if it has any ill effect on gut flora?

I'll have to think about this and consider giving it a try. Fascinating.




EDIT: Interesting post on reddit ... of note is one post claiming "Jim Koch is a master troll." Haha.

So it's also possible Jim a) has a high alcohol tolerance, or b) is a high-functioning alcoholic, or c) both.

IME the more high fat and high protein food I have in my stomach, the more it slows down the effects of alcohol.

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Prepare to blow up like a balloon and have the granddaddy of all bellyaches. This is a nasty urban legend.

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Mini Oven

of the time my husband was asked about how to achieve a healthy growth of facial hair.  His hushed reply was to wake up early with the rooster and smear a healthy application of chicken poo on your face where you want the hair to grow.  He can say this so seriously you'd believe it.  A couple of burns and skin peels (normal) and the hair will start to thicken.  YRMV  

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I remember being told to put the chicken poo inside the lip and honey on top, I guess the theory is the honey draws the facial hair out and the chicken poo pushes it.  Old folks teasing kids would that be child abuse today?


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and some hops and this guy would pee beer - liquid uncooked bread - besides being stupid.  Why pay a brewer and a bottler ?

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Q: Why does beer run through you so fast?

A: It doesn't have to change color on the way through...,



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Les Nightingill

Wouldn't the stomach acid immediately kill the yeast? pH of 1.5 to 3.5 seems pretty hostile to our beloved yeastie-beasties!

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The alcohol in beer strips the body of Vitamin B and also dehydrates it. Beer is rich in Vitamin B which replaces that lost. The only thing you can do after drinking beer is to make sure you drink a goodly amount of water to re-hydrate. It works fairly well.


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I understand that eating fibre before drinking will reduce the body's ability to absorb the beer, so it passes through you before it has chance to make you drunk.   Bran flakes, bananas maybe?  Anyone tried that?

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I could believe that fibre will slow the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream but I doubt you could consume enough fibre to stop it from being absorbed.