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The best cinnamon rolls/pan au raisin in America

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The best cinnamon rolls/pan au raisin in America

I am on a never-ending quest to find the best cinnamon roll in North America. So far, the best I have found are:

1. Pan au Raisin at Bonelle Pastry Shop on Ascan Ave. in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. Flakey with a moist, slightly sweetened interior made with sourdough.

2. Cinnamon Roll at Landry's on Farmerville Highway in Ruston, LA. Typical soft southern cinnamon roll, but the bread texture seems like it is more of a brioche. The filling is granulated sugar with loads of cinnamon, no brown sugar. The rolls are only available if you order a meal. Light coating of frosting

Are there any more cinnamon rolls of note in Canada, Mexico, or the USA? Most pan au raisin I have encountered seem to be identical as if they were ordered frozen from the same supplier.

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I make what I think are killer cinnamon bread and rolls using a dough that is a potato bread recipe.  It uses bread flour, mashed potatos, milk, eggs, butter, sugar and a little of the water from cooking the pototos.  (salt and yeast of course.)  The key to this dough is retarting in in the fridge for 24 to 36 hours.  Makes great bread and plain rolls too.  

The recipe is based on the one shown in "Potato Rolls - Video"  just search on that -- and thanks Mark Sinclair  for sharing

Potato Rolls - video