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Spelt recipe help!

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Spelt recipe help!

6 lb. 8 oz. white spelt

2 lb. 8 oz. whole spelt

3 oz. salt

½ oz. yeast

5 lb. water


Having trouble with loaf either ripping all to heck, please help with input.

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Sorry, I have to convert this to the same unit...

9,125 lb flour

0.1875lb salt (2,05 %)

5lb water (54.8%)

0.342% yeast (cake I assume)


About 2% salt is good. But it is a very dry dough. 54% is less water than I'd use for pizza or rolls that are eaten directly out of the oven. And you use whole flour that absorbs even more water.

I'd increase the amount of water.

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at 54% hydration though.  Bet they wouod taste great with some barley malt syrup and a bit of red malt in the mix.

You could try 70-72% hydration and work your wayy up from there.   Spelt is one of those difficult and tricky low gluten flours.

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I bet it tastes fine anyway. I wouldn't experiment with diastatic (the non red) malt before being able to produce a working dough though.