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More Madeleines

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More Madeleines

Thanks to Zenophon for the tips.  Swiped my next-door neighbor's previously unused Madeleine pan and voila!

Funny how all the recipes online say these are very tricky but I found them a cinch. Was pleasantly surprised how good they taste too, the lemon and vanilla work very well. Now I gotta find a good source to get my own pans; am sure once my neighbor samples the ones I proffered her, she'll want to get hers back. 

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Stuart Borken

Don't you worry about your neighbor wanting the pan back.  Nobody who has an unused madeleine mold pan will want it back.  They would like you to keep making a few for them every once in a while and just keep the pan.  They are a little futtsy to make, but, as you said, not really hard.  They taste wonderful when fresh.  Just keep the pan and you can ask the neighbor if you may still "borrow" it?  I'll bet anything they will say, "Yes".