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Baking Newsletter Recommendations

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Baking Newsletter Recommendations


I was just curious about what baking (and especially bread baking) newsletters people read or subscribe to. I've seen the SFBI newsletter quoted a lot as well as the KA Baking Sheet. What else is out there?

I'm especially interested in free materials:)



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Sorry have no newsletter suggestions. But besides the amazing wealth of knowledge you will find in the archives here on TFL, there are some wonderful blogs written by bread bakers and again exploring the archives is a great education. Amongst the ones listed below perhaps you will find a voice which appeals to you.

I especially love MC's Farine blog. She doesn't only report on her baking exploits, but also introduces many outstanding bakers, millers, conferences & classes she has attended or run.

SusanFNP (here on TFL) produces a blog called Wild Yeast. These days most of the entries are in the Yeastspotting section contributed to by bakers from all over the world. Yeastspotting provides a quick link to all manner of baking blogs. Wild Yeast itself is a wonderful resource, Susan is an excellent teacher.

SteveB's breadcetera has had no recent entries but is authoritative.

Looking for a link to Mike Avery's Sourdough Home, I discovered he sends out a newsletter.

Actually Eric at  Breadtopia sends out occasional newsletters but his main claim to fame are his videos. As you know from having attended a class, it really helps to see someone else working with dough.

Teresa at  Northwest Sourdough has taught thousands of people how to make great bread. She has a YouTube channel too.

Besides the newsletter, KAF also has a blog Flourish . 

There are more but this should help you start exploring. Have Fun!



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Thanks Robyn for the reading list! I've ssen a few of these blogs mentioned but the more the merrier!:)