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Portland bakeries/dining?

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Portland bakeries/dining?

I'm heading up to Portland this week for a conference. Any recommendations on bakeries to visit, or generally places to eat/drink?

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Portland has a great food scene. I'm sure others will pipe in but I think Ken's Artisan Bakery is a must stop. I would recommend Blue Star donuts over Voodoo. They are big on brunch in Portland and Tasty n Sons is great. If you like Thai food I highly recommend Pok Pok and/or drinks at sister spot Whisky Soda Lounge. I heartily recommend Andina as well. Of course you have to hit the food trucks as well

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I just visited recently and only had a few days to explore.  So much good food and I barely scraped the surface.  As for bakeries my highest recommendations are for Tabor Breads and Fressen Bakery/Cafe.  Tabor is wood fired whole grain bread/pastry and the breads i had were the best I tasted in Portland.  Fressen is a German bakery/cafe and the bread is pretty darn good but the food is equally good if not better.  Be sure to have a pretzel.  Other bakeries I stopped at were Ken's Bread's which was good but it was such a busy cafe and had more on the pastry front than the bread when I visited but the one loaf I did get was pretty tasty.  I stopped at a couple others but opted not to get anything including Grand Central (bread looked good but i wanted more craft small batch) and the Pearl which I also skipped on.  

Food:  I will second and third Tasty n Sons.  We went for dinner and it was fun and delish.  I wish this place and Fressen were closer to me.  Randomly we found the Zeus Cafe and there late night menu which was really good.  And again Fressen is worth stopping in for breakfast and lunch.  

I wish had more time to explore but this is what we had a chance to taste.  

Enjoy your trip


PS The Zeus Cafe also had some great local brews on tap and was known for making some fancy drinks with local liquors.  We had a beer and a drink both of which were delish.  

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