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Best Loaf Pan for Danish Rye Bread (rugbrød )

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Best Loaf Pan for Danish Rye Bread (rugbrød )

I've started to bake rugbrød and am wondering what the best size pan for this is.  Some recipes call for a 13 x 4 x 4 size pan, but the only ones I can find in this size were pullman style loan pans with the sliding top, which I don't think I need for this type of bread.

Wondering what kind of pans others use.



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Hi Jeff,

I use a 9x4x4 pullman when baking these types of breads but you can indeed use any type of pan or any size.  When I bake breads for friends who only need a small amount of bread I use a pan that only holds 300g of dough. 

The important thing is steaming. The lid on the pullman makes it easier than  adding steam to your oven or using aluminum foil with a pan with no lid.

It all boils down to what works for you in your kitchen.

Take Care,


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Mini Oven

I bake up to three loaves at a time in a Wallmart lasagna pan.  When I bought it there were no extras and I paid about 13 canadian dollars.  I see the same pan with lots of junk extra for $90 US.  Crazy.  Just updating the links.

I like this pan:    Could be taller.

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Mini, please check your link. It takes me to a whole page of various pans.

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Hi Jeff,

You can bake in a Pullman Pan without attaching the lid.

Best recommendations in your search for a pan:

  • look for a pan which is deep and narrow if possible.   Wide and shallow pans produce unattractive loaves, while a high-sided pan gives more support as the dough proves and bakes
  • rye will stick to anything, so do grease and flour the pan before use.   The best quality pans will be least problem for you in this aspect.   Rubber and teflon coating tends to rot quickly with regular use of rye on account of the acid in the sourdough

Best wishes