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Bakeable Cream for Danish

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Bakeable Cream for Danish

I need a recipe for a bakeable custard/pastry cream to use on Danish pastries.

Looking for one that will hold its shape, not "explode", or get completely absorbed into the pasty.

I've used several commercial ones that work great (Puratos) but I need one made from scratch.

If not available, any ideas on how I can keep the pastry "dented" so I can deposit the cream after baking?

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There is a recipe for one to fill eclairs here

Or Cream Cheese danish filling here

Now I want a danish...


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Pioneer Foodie

is just one tablespoon honey whipped into 8 oz. cream cheese. I've used that before and I like how it tasted and performed.

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Thank you.  I have very good pastry cream and cheese filling recipes but was hoping for an actual custard/pastry cream that actually bakes well....not easy find.