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Farmer's Market Week 18 (Whole Wheat Walnut YW/SD Combo)

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Farmer's Market Week 18 (Whole Wheat Walnut YW/SD Combo)

Yeast Water is alive and it's time to play.  A big thanks to dabrownman for his simple instructions to get this culture going and maintenance.  I highly suggest a post on this as was explained to me for those who might be interested in making their own culture.  Then it will be an archived easy approach to a natural levain.  My YW is being fed with currants/apples and has a lovely sweet hard cider smell to it.  Since it was so young I decided to do a hybrid with some White Starter as backup and to add a bit of the twang.  So I pre fermented 20% of the flour.  10% was wheat using the YW, the other 10% was my white starter (100% hydration).  I've gotten great feedback on this loaf.  It's quite fantastic actually and would match well with cheese and wine.  Also makes an excellent turkey sandwich and Nut Butter and Jelly. Essentially a classic bread here and I highly suggest this one. 



YW Levain (if you don't have yeast water this could simply be a wheat sour @ 100% hydration)

These are kept as two seperate levains.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------DDT 78F for 8-12  hours

100 g     Freshly Ground Whole Wheat 

100 g     Yeast Water (again mine is Currant/Apple/Honey)


200 g     Mature White Starter (@100% hydation)


400 g    Total 


Dough:  DDT 75F


560 g    Central Milling High Country Hi-Protein Flour (13%)

300 g    Freshly Milled Wheat

40 g      Freshly Ground Whole Rye

713.4g  H20

23.6 g    Salt

150  g    Walnuts, toasted


Total Flour:   1100 g

                              White 660 @ 79%  Hydration  =  521.4

                              Wheat 400 @ 90% Hydration  =  360

                              Rye       40 @ 80% Hydration  =    32

Total H20 913.4 (83% Total Hydration) 

Total Dough 2187 g  (3 loaves at 729 g) 

1)  Autolyse Flour and Water for 1 hour. 

2)  Add Levains and mix to combine well.

3)  Add salt to combine well.

4)  Turn up and devlop to medium (should just start really pullin from bowl but not completely)

5)  Add Walnuts and stir in on low speed until incorporated.

6)  Bulk Ferment for me was 4 1/2 hours with 4 stretch and folds at 40 minutes

7)  Divide, preshape, rest 20-30 minutes

8)  Shape to floured bowls and retard immediately.  

9)  Bake 500 with steam for 13 minutes and then 460 for 20-25 longer rotating as needed.




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loaf or 3 breads!  Did you notice how the YW muted the SD tang?  A perfect bread for those that don't like the sour but want the keeping qualities of SD.  Your YW will get better s is ages gracefully.  Now you have another baking toy to play with that didn't cost very much - the best kind!  I will put together a YW how to tutorial for the starter forum section.

Glad you first YW bread was well received.  Have fun and Happy baking Josh!

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Your breads are beautiful withsuch nice spring and crust.  I do enjoy your shaping and scoring.  They are truly beautiful.

Warm regards,


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Beautiful Bread!!

Your loaf is beautiful inside out. I love your swirl scoring, do you score it like an S?

Happy Baking.


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These are all straight cuts.  Are you referring to scores from a different week?


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The diagonal score which burst like a "s"

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Ah, one of my all time favorites.  The bit of rye is a nice touch.  Beautiful, Josh!  I can almost taste it...


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As per usual thanks for the kind words.  A little rye always goes a long way in my opinion.  Most whole wheat walnuts are small and heavy I like this was larger and less dense.  Good loaf


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These look fabulous, Josh! beautiful scoring, and a beautiful crust and crumb.

Excellent efforts!


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I just baked my first YW loaf and as the starter is only a week old, not much character to the flavour and I do like the flavour of my sweet levain. I love your idea of using both a sweet levain and YW levain and will try this next bake. Well time to start the levains for the am bake! Oh yeah, I am going to have to spring for a banneton . . .

Anyhow DMAN, you really should provide your YW work methods as a formal tutorial for this board. Frankly, you write very well in describing your methods of work. Follow dabrownman's methods and a person is pretty much assured of success. I am SHOUTING this one out dab!

Amazing baking Josh!

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Take a look at the YW Primer I just posted and see if it needs fixing, adds or deletes.  Thanking you in advance!

Your YW bake is better than anything I have ever done- just like Ski's  You guys are putting me to shame:-)

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Thanks again for more kind words.  Its a good loaf and i suggest giving it a try.  Based on what I've learned yet not experienced about YW I'd say the combo is perfect here.  Sour is tamed but there and crumb is much lighter than what I'm used too.  

@ski  My yeastwater is now almost 2 weeks old.  At the time of this bake it was on the fruity side of smell but now its taking on a more yeasty smell opposed to alcoholic.  I'm betting we can dig in and start to attain a few types of flavor from YW as we do from Sourdough Starter based on all the same principals, innoculation/time/temperature/type of grain.  

Exciting to have a second medium.  Especially one that is ready at all times essentially, with little effort and for the cost of water and 1 dollars worth of fruit every 2 weeks.  Good deal


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i did not discard any just gave it some more food i had 70 grams of starter 50 grams of rye and 50 grams of all purpose in there along with 100 grams of water

drift boss