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40% Red Fife Sourdough

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40% Red Fife Sourdough

Decided to play around with the percentage of the red fife flour to get a better sense of its flavour vs normal whole wheat flour. Made an approximately 40% red fife loaf with the other 60% using Robin hood AP flour. Here's the recipe in cups:

1 spoon of starter

1/8 cup water

1/4 cup flour

Combine and ferment overnight. Mine took 10 hours and was all bubbly and ready to go.

Combine the above with:

1.5 cups water

1 cup Red Fife flour

2 cups AP flour

1.5 tsp salt

Adjust water to get a 70% hydration feel.

Bulk ferment 8 hours at 15-20C with 2 S&F in between. Proof 2 hours at 24C. Bake 240C for 45mins with steam in the first 15mins.

Here's the final product out of the oven

and crumb shot

Quite satisfied with the final product with a relatively open crumb, slightly chewy but soft. The Red Fife is relatively mild at least to the normal whole wheat that I have baked with. But other than that, I do not really notice any special flavours of sort. I must add that the AP flour has been performing really well, definitely strong enough for bread making but not too strong that it becomes too tough or chewy. The bread has a nice wheat taste with a sweetness from the long fermentation and a creamy mouth feel. A very decent all purpose bread to pair with anything.

Still adapting to the oven. I found out that when it is on the "bake" setting only the bottom element is activated and the top is activated when it is on the "grill" setting so I am switching between the two to achieve the level of baking I desire. 



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for 40% WW.  Like the bold bake and blistered crust too.  The bread has to taste great.  Nice baking

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Nice crumb indeed!