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Baking classes at our wood-fired bakery

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Baking classes at our wood-fired bakery

Hi Everyone,

My name is Stef, and I'm with the Wide Awake Bakery in Trumansburg NY. I thought you would be interested to know that we're offering some baking classes in early November (9th and 10th). The classes are really about baking with locally grown organic flours, but you might find the experience of baking in our oven worthwhile. Our bakery runs on a large home-built wood-fired white oven with a rotating deck. It's a fantastic oven to bake in, and vastly different from a black oven. In the class we'll have a chance to talk about the oven design and build, and everyone will have the opportunity to lay hand to bread and bread to oven.

I posted a more elaborate description of the course in the Artisan Baking forum HERE, and you can get pretty much the same story from the website of OGRIN, the Organic Growers' Research and Information-Sharing Network. You can find out more about the Wide Awake Bakery at our website, which is HERE.