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British Summertime Themed Dinner Party

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Laura T.

British Summertime Themed Dinner Party

I'm throwing a dinner party on Monday for us and a couple of good friends. It'll be a semi formal occasion and I usually cook about 10 courses of stupidly over-complicated and gourmet veggie food. I also tend to leave it until the last minute to plan my menu. I must enjoy pressure I guess haha. I was just trying to find some inspiration and ideas that went along with the theme and I know a lot of you baking-types are also into cooking. Any ideas/inspiration would be much appreciated.

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Laura T.
  • Cheese and Apple
  • Cheese cylinders with apple slices
  • Earl Grey and Cucumber 
  • Cucumber caviar
  • Cucumber sorbet, earl grey shortbread
  • Earl grey and rose gin


  • Scones and Jam 
  • Cheese scones with tomato-chilli jam


  • Carrot and Mushroom
  • Roasted carrot soup with mushroom bacon and thyme


  • Squash and Lentil 
  • Roast butternut squash and lentil salad with soy-balsamic dressing


  • Lemon and Elderflower
  • Lemon and elderflower sorbet


I still need a main course and a dessert. I'll serve some sort of palate cleanser in between the two.

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are in season so a nice sorbet as the palate cleasnser would be nice so I would think about a desert too since the palate is already clean with your sorbet.  Since stone fruits and berries are in seasoin how about a stone fruit and mixed berry crisp for desert  - thankfully easy and tasty with all the other stuff going on.