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Onion Rye

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Onion Rye


Does anyone have any recommendations for turning your sourdough rye into an onion rye?  i've been using the 40% Caraway Rye recipe in the Hamelman book lately and would love any suggestions about adding onion to it.  thanks,


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David, Hamelman's Roasted Potato bread details his approach to frying up some onions and adding it to the dough. That's not a sourdough but it shouldn't make any difference. You can also just dice up some onions, a cup or so and toss them in raw with the flour. I suppose they might give you a scritch more liquid to account for, Hamelman adjusts with a slight reduction in water.

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Both Reinhart and Beranbaum have recipes for "New York Deli Rye", which is usually a soft pan-baked rye with onions and herbs.

But for artisan rye with onions, I just chop 1/3 of a white onion fine and brown it in a little olive oil or butter. Let cool, then add to dough during the mixing or kneading stage. Works fine.