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Sprouted Rye sourdough with toasted flax seeds

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Sprouted Rye sourdough with toasted flax seeds

sprouting has been a routine now, since i don't have a flour miller. this is a good thing. been eating rye sprouts as rice with seared salmon and mushrooms even in my 5 eggs pecorino omelette. blend it in my protein drinks!! 

this is another way i used up the rye sprouts. baking SD bread.

a very simple formula.. 

300g starter

700g water (hold back 50g)

850g AP flour

200g sprouted rye flour (wet)

15g salt

add in

50g toasted flaxseed soaked in 50g water

basic SD bread method used. retarded overnight.

the number 10 ! 

made one with raisin and one without

this time i baked only till golden brown not dark brown.


crumb shot with raisin



enjoy... simple but satisfying :)



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Such a nice open crumb. this is what bread is all about,  Healthy too with the sprouts!  So what temperature did you bake these loaves to to get this crust color?

Happy baking

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preheated oven to 250C for 40mins with lava stones. pour one cup of hot water. closed oven for 2mins. put in loaves, lowered to 220C for 10mins. turn loaves 180 degrees to get even color. removed lava stones in pan. baked further at 200C 20mins - 25mins.

did not get to try :( baked for friends.


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Indeed, beautiful crumb, and very simple (but delicious sounding) formula indeed.  Would you mind if I featured this on the home page for a bit?

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wow.. sure :)) thank you

i am honored


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Evon,  So you've left out an ingredient from your list.   What are those lovely fruit pieces?  Also do you make your own sprouted rye flour and if so, how do you do it?   I want to try a sprouted flour loaf.  -Varda

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hi Varda, yes i mentioned i did a loaf with raisin, used 80g monukka raisin i love. i divided the dough into half. kept one half plain. mix in rehydrated raisin in the other half. 

look into this website for easy and direct instruction for sprouting wheat 



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What a lovely crumb.  Very nice combination of seeds and currants makes this bake look very delicious.  

I have ordered some sprouted wheat flour.  A little pricey for what you get, so using the 'wet' sprouts is a great alternative to buying the flour.  

What did you use to grind the sprouts?   From what I have read my Champion juicer should do the job or my food processor. 

I love that sprouting turns the grain into a vegetable and is used in gluten free breads but I have also read that sprouted grains still have the gluten..perhaps another thread on that subject..not that I'm on a GF diet..but very interested in it's benefit's.



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hi Sylvia, yes SD with sprouts are very nutritious and better taste n flavorful. yes, your juicer can be used to grind. i used my small food processor. Vitamix blender is another tool can do the job. as i did my research a meat grinder is the best tool. but more to clean !! 

happy baking!!


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Another beautiful loaf Evon.

I have to try the sprouting myself since you and DA seem to love it so much.  I have used sprouted wheat that I bought but I'm sure it will be even better if I do it myself.

Great baking as usual.


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hi Ian, thanks for the kind words. it is satisfying to sprout your own. you bake great buns as always!!


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So lovely, so elegent Evon! Your bakes remind me of Shaio-Ping, the talented TFL member.


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aww.. thank you Khalid. yes, i love Shaio-Ping breads, she is indeed very telented. i am trying and learning every bake.


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Evon, great work they look awesome! Me Hungry!

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haha.. long gone already Chubby!! it is an easy simple loaf. try it 


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Mini Oven

beautiful breads!

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Evon, what starter did you use?  Based on white (bread) flour?  Very nice loaves!