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Moving on from Chester St ...

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Moving on from Chester St ...

Due to creative differences I am moving on from Chester St Kitchen to pursue a new venture ... I wish all the team at Chester St the very best for the future.

... stay tuned I guess :)

Happy baking everyone



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No matter what you do, we are with you.

Wishing you all the best,


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Thank you Khalid,

I'll keep everyone posted ...

All the best,

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What Khalid said. Good luck and keep us updated, please. :)

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all the best!! believe in whatever you do..  :)


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Onward and Upward, Phil. Looking forward to seeing where your craft takes you next. Best of luck!

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Not a doubt in my mind you will be a great success wherever you land.  

Good Luck 



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Our Crumb your fresh opportunity.  You surely gained invaluable WFO chops there --will hold you in good stead at your next posting, although ovens like that are probably hard to come by.  Your QLD supporters (and there must be many) are doubtless as keen to learn where you'll next hang your shingle as your global TFL fanbase is.

Bon courage!

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That oven sure made some of the best bread i have ever seen adn nit wasnlt even broken in yet:-)  Oh well, at least you know how to build one yourself now!

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the update. Not what I expected but life does seem to throw the unexpected at us on a regular basis...Good thing we bounce :- )

Like others have said...I look forward to hearing where you land.

Best Wishes to You,


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Be true to yourself and beliefs, you haven't come this far to compromise your vision. At the end of the day, fighting the good fight IS the right thing to do. 

fair dinkum



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Best of luck for your future endeavours. 

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Sorry to hear that it didn't work out after all your hard work.  I'm sure your next venture will be even more rewarding.

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kind of unexpected news, Phil. ....

You take care of you, believe in your gift and like everyone else here, I'm looking forward to read more about your journey and I wish you best of luck! 



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Hi Phil

I too gave up a job in a hot bread shop rather than accept  a lower standard , i was given full responsibility for ingredients, fellow baker selection and we built up trade very quickly as the bread was the best we could make. All went well for 13 months, As  the company expanded and more shops opened a whizz kid was appointed  from a multinational grocery company and university, he quickly introduced central buying and was telling me what to use in the bread. i felt that it was settling for mediocarity i was'nt prepared to allow that to happen to either myself or the customers so both I and my fellow baker quit.

i did get the chance to go back for a nights work a few years later when the baker  who i knew that took on the franchise  asked me to come in and give him a hand for the weekend double shift.

We used to have an order book whereby customers ordered AND PAID FOR THEIR BREAD  we had to restrict some of the breads as we just couldnt fit  any more into the 12 - 13 hour shift or oven.The orders that night would fit on the back of a post card, it was quite amazing how things had changed over a few years.  

Im sure you will look back and this will be just a stop over on your quest for meaningfull employment.

kindest Regards Derek


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You'll be back up in no time Phil!