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SFSD with Whole Wheat and Spelt Starter

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SFSD with Whole Wheat and Spelt Starter

This is some fine looking bread.  It's just SD starter water flour and salt.  It is boldly baked with a crackly crunchy crust.  It has a mildly SD taste that is near the current less tangy SFSD trend.

 The crumb is a little weak for a white SD bread when it comes to openness, gloss and moisture.  This was the only disappointing part of the bread if you discount the taste.

The taste was bland even for a white bread and the crumb not as moist as it should have been for a bread baked that morning but it was not dry either and was soft enough.  My wife liked it a lot and asked for a slice as toast this morning.

This loaf was baked at the Sprouts Grocery Bakery in Phoenix and indicative of the quality of their bread according to their baker who gave me this loaf gratis to try out for taste. I wanted the WW SD but she said the SFSD was her favorite.   The great thing is that this bread sells for $2.99 each regular price and is on sale for $2.50 this week.  I think this is quite a value.  If you like French style SD bread this is not bad at all.

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"Not up to your usual standard." Then I saw the punch line. 

It's good to be reminded every once in a while.

Happy baking!


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a fine looking example of SFSD on the outside.  I was really taken aback until I saw the inside and tasted it,  Doesn't hold a candle to your San Joaquin but if I could my SJ to look like that on the outside.... I would be half way to getting your recipe right!

Happy baking back at ya!