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WFO Class Openings

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WFO Class Openings

I received the notice, below, through the Yahoo Brick Oven group that I subscribe to.  Thought I'd put it out for folks here in case someone might be interested.  Herewith:

We recently had a couple of cancellation of spots in Chef Ciril Hitz's May 24th & 25th workshop entitled "The Cooling Curve, Maximizing the Use of Your Wood-fired Oven."

Don't let those hard-earned BTUs go to waste! Whether you're a home wood-fired oven (WFO) user or are adventurous enough to try your hand at a Farmer's Market, this is the class for you! Many of us use our WFOs for pizza and bread and occasionally do some kind of roast – all in a pretty hot oven. But what about all that heat that's left in the oven? What family gathering wouldn't love to see freshly baked pastries and sweet doughs? If you're attempting to do a Farmer's Market all that heat left after breads can earn you more than good will. Topics to be covered include proper firing and oven management, the preparation of pre-ferments for focaccia and country French, as well as multigrain sourdoughs and whole-wheat pan breads. After baking the hearth and pan breads, we will take advantage of the heat still available in the oven during the cooling cycle with a smart approach to baking brioche and sweet doughs. Regardless of your oven size, Chef Hitz's formulas and techniques can be scaled to suit your individual needs and desires.

Michael Jubinsky
Stone Turtle Baking and Cooking School
Lyman, Maine 04002
Tel: (207) 459-0567

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Wish I could go :(