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We 3 gmas baked "Bacon Cornbread"

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We 3 gmas baked "Bacon Cornbread"

We decided, since trying to give my brand new shoulder some time to settle, we would do a non-kneady recipe this week. Barb found a great recipe for Bacon Cornbread... if you want "sweet" cornbread - this is the recipe for you, as it contains white sugar, brown sugar AND honey... and it is sooo good. Check out the ingredients and the process @ ... We will probably, most definitely make this again. 

So the lead in picture is Barb's dinner of ham hocks, green beans and the bacon cornbread... the slice of cornbread is small because this plate is for her diabetic hubby... and he is smiling!!! 

Here is her other picture.  You can see the bacon in there... and the whole corn kernals. Lovely!

Helen made her corn bread to go with some great pinto beans (the bean recipe is Paula Deen's) with chili powder and oregano.


Baked this beauty in her cast iron skillet, like all good Southern cooks do.

Now, that cornbread looks good enough to eat!! I was amazed with this recipe adding 2 1/2 cups of whole kernal corn... that is a lot of corn and a lot of corn flavor... a piece of this is a meal in itself!

I copied Helen and made the same pinto bean recipe and really love these beans...The picture below is just into the oven, with the bacon all on top.

The next picture is what we had for dinner... I made green tomato relish last summer and it went perfectly with this wonderful Bacon Cornbread and bean dinner.

Again, another week of sharing sister time, with great ideas, great recipes, great food and the best sisters on the planet.

Happy Baking from Barb, Helen and Diane (the 3 gmas)


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You always make our baking pictures look so pretty! This is the best cornbread I have ever made and thank goodness there were lots of mouths chomping away at it. Great baking day with my sisters... Helen

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Nothing like great cornbread and the 3 GMA's have really put it over the top.   Real corn, loads of bacon, sugars and honey -served on beautiful plates.......what's not to like.  I'm for baking it in a buttery CI skillet too being an old Southern boy!   Very nicely done.   Southerner's don't mind losing the war as much as we mind the occupation lasting 148  years :-)  All of your conbread presentations sure look as tasty as they look well done.

Mine's not a sweet version nor does it have bacon but it does have corn flour and honey......and saffron and semolina in it too !  It won't be done till tomorrow though.  Will it count if I put it on a nice plate and sing a song?

Get that shoulder back in shape soon and keep on baking the 3 Twisted Sisters GMA Way!

Happy baking

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Very tasty, more heavy and moist than the typical cake like versions. Looks like a lovely one on the way to happen here too. Don't know about singing a song though, one thing all of our siblings seemed to share was a total inability to carry a tune (or recognize tones for the most part) Maybe that is how they'll know which ones are adopted? Good luck with that bread, looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product, pretty plate too!

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Great job...corn and bacon cwrong be a bad thing.  I will have to try this soon when I make some brisket and ribs.



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Diane and I were wondering what song you would be seeing. As you now know none of us can sing but that doesn't mean we don't love to sing. So I say you should proudly lift that plate and belt out a happy cornbread tune!!! Don't be surprised if you hear us singing along ....... no, that is not the sound of Diane stepping on her cat's tail :-) yeeeowww!!!

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already taped my preferred song I sang for the slap and folds of this bread, as I was doing them.... while also revealing my new once secret way to cover dough as it rests.  Fellini and Sinatra have nothing to worry about from their graves but they might still be feeling a little chilly.

The singing, if you could call it that,  scared the heck out of my apprentice though.  It is all a big surprise that may never see the light of day if i have anything to say about it.   We wouldn't want Fresh Lofians committing suicide all over the globe while reading that post.  I mean, we really need to put safety the our children first don't you think?

It's going to be a long sleepless night for Lucy no matter what.

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and hungry, all at the same time!  You ladies have rung the bell with this bake!  And all of those wonderful accompaniments for the cornbread look too good to be true.


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Dinner was good for sure... we enjoyed every crumb of that cornbread... I had a couple of bowls to return to neighbors and gifted them some of the cornbread, beans and relish... they loved it as much as we did.  Looking forward to the results of dabrownman's cornbread.... I am secretly wondering where he is hiding the seeda and grains he hasn;t yet mentioned???


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I first baked a half of this recipe and was not happy with my results, not enough egg, baked muffins vs a loaf and the result was not what I hoped for.  I will blame the bacon here as I mixed in with the batter and didn't get the real bacon flavour I wanted.

For my second attempt I used whole chunk bacon which I cubed and fryed in my cast pan.  This time I halved the recipe and used 2 eggs for better binding, stirring the browned bacon chunks into the bater with the corn and baking the project in the same cast pan used to brown the bacon and OH MY!  This is hearty fare and a half recipe did a good job of filling my 10" cast iron pan, so I once again have happy heighbours, a full belly and another dynamite recipe for my baking rotation!

Hot out of the oven

Nice crumb with pieces of bacon and corn falling off when you cut a slice!

Bacon cornbread is a hearty accompanyment to a breakfast of bacon and eggs with fried potatos and tomato.  I am still full and it is nearly dinnertime.


Regards, Brian