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My book wish list - any suggestions?

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108 breads

My book wish list - any suggestions?

So many bread books and love reading them. Birthday coming up as well. Any suggestions are welcome. Currently tempting me are Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast and the Reinhart books, BBA and Whole Grain Breads. Also want to read up on bread history.

I am still contemplating the ultimate wish of the 5-day Scottish bread class, though the cost of a trip from DC to Scotland, lodging, etc would be steep. Also, I am not driving on the wrong side of the road. Do not wish to create an international incident. Books, at least, are safe, affordable and can be purchased used. (I have a weakness of used books due to an incredible used book store in Brighton Beach that is probably long gone.)

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So far your list is very good.  I also love Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day and Hamelman's "Bread" which just came out in a second edition with added recipes.  Bread Alone is another great bread book.

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I know some of us really prefer to own our own books, especially if they're gonna get lots of use. But, your local library might save you some money, if you can think of it that way. I found a couple of Peter Reinhart's books, including "Bread Baker's Apprentice", plus "Beard On Bread", "Baking Artisan Bread", some book by Julia Child about French bread, and several others. If nothing else, it could give you a chance to decide which books you really do want to buy, before you go and spend the money.