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Picard Modulux ovens

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Picard Modulux ovens



I Am concidering a Picard electric Modulux 16 pan 4 deck unit. Does anyone have experience with this oven? I would love to know where these ovens are made and where their parts are made as well, Interested in performance, reliability and break downs.


Please share if you can.


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Picard Ovens Inc.
1325, East Notre-Dame Street,
Victoriaville (Quebec) Canada, G6P 4B8

Phone: 1 819 758-1883 
Toll Free: 1 800 668-1883 (Canada and USA)
Fax: 1 819 758-1465

How about calling Picard or their local rep. Also, I recommend checking out the Bread Bakers Guild of America, Their membership includes many independent bakers and bakery owners who can probably help you with an oven choice.

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I remember looking at these ovens. Pricey! I found American Baking Systems here in the states. A four deck oven for under 30,000. Plus when I called the owner talked to me about the ovens. He spent alot of time going over the ovens and about running a bakery in general. He gave me alot to think about. Never once was he rushed to hang-up even when I told him I wouldnt be buying anything for another 5 years. Their ovens are simple and well constructed with quality materials. Independent heating controls encased in ceramic. Just check them out and give the guy a call. Picard sure do look fancy but I dont care what the oven looks like. I care what my bread looks like! ABS are in the american culinary school, panera breads, and countless more commercial bakery departments. You want to pay for good looks or a good oven?