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Yeast bread top wrinkling after cooled

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Yeast bread top wrinkling after cooled

I have been trying to perfect my grandmothers yeast sandwich bread. Every time it comes out of the oven, it looks perfect. When it cools, the top begins to look wrinkled or bubbled. What could be causing this? Please help!

Right out of oven:

After cooled:

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 You should see my face 10 minutes after I step out of the shower!   We have some seriously expensive face cream for that problem.  I'm guessing if you invented bread crust, wrinkle cream you would be a billionaire :-)  I guess being in a 450 F oven for 30 minutes might require an even more expensive and powerful face cream though.

Happy baking.

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Mini Oven

:)  it also shrinks a little bit.  I am too but eating yeast doesn't help.  :(

Lowering the gluten content in the flour mixture might help or more AP to bread flour.  Or baking a tiny bit longer to firm up the crust.  (Turn off the oven & open the door for a few minutes after the loaves are done.)

Is that 2 1/2 loaves? 


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Thanks for advice. I'm really thinking that I might have had too much flour in the dough AND not fully baked. 

Each batch makes three loaves but the camera cut off one of the loaves in the pic. Photographer's mistake! 

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Without changing your mix of flours, you could try increasing the dough's extensibility and decreasing its elasticity.

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This used to happen to most of my breads when we lived in a drafty old Victorian house 14 years ago.  Now that we live in a much smaller flat, and I work in a much smaller kitchen, I don't get the wrinkled tops on my breads.

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Thanks for the advice! I know it's not the draft because I let it cool on a rack in the open oven AND I make sure to turn off all sources of air in the house while it's cooling to prevent that as well. I think I've been adding too much flour and not letting it bake completely through. Trying again this weekend!