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Farine Ciabatta

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Noah Erhun

Farine Ciabatta

Favorite ciabatta recipe so far, apart from the added yeast, which I cut in half increasing the fermentation time. Next time around I'll try to elimiated it complety.

Levain: equal parts flour, water starter (Ischia). 

Flour 100% (39.6% Caputo 00, 39.6% KAAP, 21% KAWhite WW) 
Water 64.5%
Levain 55% (100% hydration)
Milk 4%
Oil  2.7%
Salt 2.4%
IDY  .3% 

(Final hydration 77.6%)
4 hours @65F bulk, 8 hours in the fridge around 1.5 hours RT in loaves. 
The rounds were baked on a stone covered by a stainless bowl. The free-form Ciabattas were baked without steam...just replaced the oven glass  

Since I don't own a mixer I mixed the dough by hand with some additional stretch and folds. Following Ken Forkish's technique
Excellent flavor with only a slight tang. 

I'm suprsed how well the free-forms turned out considering the lack of steam and being a bit over done. 



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Peter.  Brown, open, glossy and hopefully home plate was covered for the taste part to complete the 4 bagger as baseball season gets underway.

Nice baking Peter/.

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Really nice, Peter.


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Nice Ciabattas, Peter! lovely crumb.

Why don't you try Sylvia's steaming towel technique for safely steaming your oven?

I don't use microwave , i heat my water using an electric kettle.