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We 3 gmas baked "Aunt Rose's Irish Soda Bread"

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We 3 gmas baked "Aunt Rose's Irish Soda Bread"

Not our personal Aunt Rose... just clarifying.  We 3 all baked Soda Bread... Barb and Helen spread the wealth to the kids and grandkids... I am spreading something else with Irish Soda Bread toast ... sort of like a cross between biscotti and a scone... Very good... We had fun and amid busy weeks planned actually managed to chat a bit and enjoy each other as much or more than the baking... such great sisters I am blessed with! (and a great brother)... 

  I know this will be hard to believe but we actually stayed pretty true to the actual recipe this time... Barb's bread is above and looks golden and lovely.

Helen's bread is the next picture and we voted and decided she wins the scoring award with this great scoring.  Both outstanding loaves of soda bread. Nice job ladies!   My bread finishes up this post, I forgot to score it before putting it in the oven, scored it later to encourage the middle to get done before it got too dark... then butter brushed the top and sides.. this is the best bread ever for toasting... We are still eating it... I froze it in quarters and only have one quarter left... My husband loves it with peanut butter, me-cream cheese..

So another bake is gone... more memories made.. and the freezer a bit fuller. LOL... we have a short schedule planned.... Cabbage Rolls with 60 minute dinner rolls for this coming Sunday dinner... then Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday... and Babka loaves for Easter Sunday... We shall see what flavors we come up with I am thinking of Almond for one loaf and Peach for the other... Check us out after Easter and see what flavors my sisters chose. 

Happy Baking and Happy Spring Holidays!


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fantastic and they have to taste delish!  Way to go!  So how was it with CB as a sandwich?

-Happy baking - will post more later.