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Bakeries in Portland, Oregon?

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Bakeries in Portland, Oregon?

I am visiting Portland, Oregon for a few days and am looking for a great bakery (or bakeries) to hit. Any suggestions?


Sharon Sinclair

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Oh my, where to start? Here's three.

St. Honore
Ken's Artisan
Pix Patisserie

I think Portland may have more good bakeries per capita than any other US city.

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We will have to explore some of these -- breakfast... lunch... dinner :) Sharon

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Greg D

The original Grand Central Baking Company location on SE Hawthorne is a good place.  Recently remodeled to add seating and counter space but still a working bakery.  According to their web site a better place to actually watch bread being made may be the Grand Central bakery at 2249 NW York in Portland.  Grand Central pretty much launched the baking revolution in Portland. 

If you want to venture outside the world of bread, visit VooDoo Doughnuts on 3rd in downtown.  I recommend the bacon maple bar.

If your tastes include pizza, Ken Forkish (Ken's Artisan Bread) also has a pizza place on the east side (wait for food can be loooooooooog).  Or you can try Apizza Scholls on SE Hawthorne Blvd, which won over Ken's in this years local "Best Pizza" contest.

Enjoy Portland. 


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I will steer toward the Grand Central one (thanks for the address). One of my traveling companions mentioned VooDoo Doughnuts so we will have to check that out too. Thanks! Sharon

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Yes there's an embarassment of riches in Portland but don't miss The Pearl Bakery ( as featured in Maggie Glezer's Artisan Baking Across America.

They do everything well in my book but I did especially enjoy the Marionberry Danish and it's so close to Powells.

Have a great time Sharon and if you get time and you've got room eat at The Farm.


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Thanks, Barry, for both suggestions.

The Farm is really close to where I'm staying so I may have to hike over there tonight after my workshop and try them out! 


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You can skip Voodoo, except for the scene. The doughnuts are pedestrian. If you want an upscale doughnut, go to Blue Star ( But be prepared to pay! Artisan doughnuts -- whodathunkit?

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little t american bakery

2600 SE Division St


owned/operated by Tim Healea who in 2002 was on the Silver winning Team USA at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie.

Also do not miss the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. It is a gem in Portland Chinatown - easy to overlook from the outside. 


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Yup, yup.  

With my strongest recommendations at the top, I'd rank places in Portland for bread lovers something like: 

little t


Pearl Bakery

Apizza Scholls

Binh Minh

Grand Central

St. Honore

Blue Star



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Greg D

Thanks for the suggestion of little t.  I am a "foodie" who has lived in Portland metro since 1978 and I have never heard of them.  But they are located about 2 blocks from my favorite sushi place so I will try them this week.

Food Forever!

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my next stay in Portland has to be MUCH longer with more free time so I can sample all of these places! :)

Thank you all so much!


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Stop by Bob's Red Mill for supplies like pumpernickel meal.


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Floyd's list is nearly perfect. Ken's has a bakery and a pizza shop; both are well worth visiting.

Little t is my favorite for bread.

If you want to get off the beaten path a bit, try a Vietnamese bakery on Foster, An Xuyen Bakery.

Grand Central is Seattle-based, has been in Portland a number of years. They have a few storefronts here, and their bread is available in lots of places. Big wholesale operation for artisan breads.

Pearl Bakery is definitely worth a visit, for breads and baked goods.

Great bagels are hard to come by, but Bowery Bagels, a new place, is OK. For me, Spielman's at Spielman Coffee Roaster are slightly better, on Division. Limited quantities there. Some folks like Kenny and Zuke's.

Pix is Pix Patisserie. Just one outlet now, but jewel-like baked goods.

Lots of great artisan pizza here! And don't forget to visit some of our many food carts!