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Bread flour unavailable

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Bread flour unavailable

I am in Mexico and good bread flour is almost impossible to find. The flour available is a total use flour. The same recipe for a oatmeal,wheat sandwich bread that rises beautifully with Gold Medal 12% protein bread flour does not rise with the 10-11% flour that is the norm in Mexican markets. Can I add gluten to increase the protein content and how much gluten/cup ? The recipe calls for 4.5 cups of bread flour, 1 cup whole wheat flour, 1 cup oatmeal, .5 cup oatmeal flour.

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Mini Oven

in the water,  that should help the gluten by softening the gluten cutting bran bits.  If the whole wheat flour doesn't have brand bits, try changing some of the oat flour for ap wheat reducing the gluten free flours in the dough.  

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I add vital wheat gluten to compensate for a lack of gluten otherwise.   On the side of the Honeyville Farms can of wheat gluten it says, "Depending on the quality of the flour, the recommended usage of vital wheat gluten in between 3% and 5% by total weight of the required amount of flour."

I must admit that I usually do it by "feel" depending on what the proportion of white flour and other stuff is in whatever I'm making.  So, a little bit in a 30% whole wheat, a lot in an anadama-rye (with white and whole wheat, rye, and corn meal in about equal proportions).

I've been through a Bobs Red Mill package that took about a year to use and kept fine in the fridge so I just bought a Honeyville Farms 3.5 lb. can because it was so cheap on Amazon.  I'll know a couple years from now if it will last that long without losing its oomph.

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flour all the time for tortillas and bread.  It is 10.5 % protein and makes great bread without any additions.   If you wanted bread flour at 11.5% protein I would add 1 tsp of VWG for every cup used or per every 140 g grams used - same for WW.