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Looking for anything to do at a NYC bakery.

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Looking for anything to do at a NYC bakery.

I want to learn, but I don't expect bakeries to recruit novices to do their dough-work. I'm still honing my skills at home (scoring/shaping show me the most grief on the handling level) and I'd like to continue learning from a professional angle; however, as I said, I don't expect novices to be hired as bakers, so an indirect method seems suitable. I've had dishwashing/serving experience, so I guess I can wash dishes, sweep or something a long those lines. Just so long as I can pick up knowledge on the side. Don't mind working for free or even working nights, although I can't do this all week--as I need some sort of income  (through another job) for bills/loans and such. If one finds it acceptable to pay me then that gets rid of the limitations restricting me--I won't contest working for as long as need be (should probably get used to it).

In short, I'll make blood, sweat and tears to be trained to make bread. If you dont mind teaching, hiring a guy/taking volunteers and are in NYC, I'd like to become your apprentice. There is so much I want to learn and understand and I feel this is the best way to do it. I can provide contact info and anything really if needed. Not sure if this was the right spot, but inform me if it isn't.