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Free Book: The Future of Flour

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Free Book: The Future of Flour

I found complete PDFs of the book "The Future of Flour" directly from the publisher's site. It's completely legitimate. Here it is:


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I downloaded it onto my phone so I can take my time reading it. I do so enjoy reading about how our food is grown and produced.

Thank you!

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Would you or anyone still have a copy (PDF) of "Future of Flour"

Is it possible to download the PDF version of this book? 
Would appreciate if I could obtain the PDF copy of this book.

Thank you 😃

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Yes, it's a very interesting book, isn't it? It talks about what baking problems can be caused by different kinds of wheat flour grades, how to solve certain baking problems, etc. It seems to be a great resource! It even has a whole chapter on just Chinese steamed breads!

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but I think you need quite a lot of basic knowledge of the subject and terminology to really understand it. It's so detailed.

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Patf, it really depends on how in-depth a knowledge you want. I'm a total amateur in all things flour, bread, and baking, and I've really enjoyed learning a few things about the international flour market and the various types of noodles and breads from this book. You can skim or skip the very technical parts and read up on easier to grasp socio-economic issues presented in the book.

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Yes, thank you for posting that link... I have never seen that amount of information about grain, milling, and flour in one place.  I looked, and the (physical) book costs $200!  I don't know who the target audience is for that book, but I'd personally love to have a copy.  Unfortunately, I didn't find it any major resellers (, etc..) and I'm not buying it from their sketchy shopping cart.  In the mean time, this is a great resource to learn more about grain and milling.  This is an amazing find!  Thanks again for pointing it out to us.


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Thanks for the link.