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Orwasher's NYC

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Orwasher's NYC

Just back from a holiday trip to NYC. Met up with one of my sons who has baked at Bouchon, now owns his own small baking business and is VERY particular about bread. While book shopping at Kitchen Arts and Letters we hopped down a few blocks to Orwasher's Bakery. We were both VERY impressed. We bought several breads and so far they were the best breads we have had in NY.  I was particularly impressed by the Levain Locale, a large miche at ~ 6 lb, made with locally  grown grains. We also liked the pumpernickel - raisin - walnut ( good keeper too). But, the rest of the offerings were impressive. 

So, if you are an artisan baker and know what good is, then do visit Orwasher's and don't make the mistake I made and buy only a modest amount. Buy a lot!

P.S. do buy a jelly donut with the filling put in after you buy it. Best jelly donut anywhere ... better than Planet Donut.

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You reminded me of reading about Orwasher's in Ortiz's book many years ago when I started experimenting with home bread baking. While visiting with my daughter in Manhattan, we stopped at Orwasher's and bought a hunk from a huge loaf of super seeded rye. They said the starter was decades old, I think 80.  We ate it with lentil soup for dinner. It was amazing.