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We 3 gmas baked together

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We 3 gmas baked together

We 3 gmas baked Savory Drop Biscuits from "Bread Alone" , by Daniel Leader and Judith Blahnik... although none of us dropped them, we all shaped them because we tend to think in Sandwiches... The recipe is an easy one on page 309 of this book... onion, rosemary... sauted together and then basically added to a buttermilk biscuit dough... very, very good.

  Barb shaped hers beautifully and you can just see all those onions and that fresh rosemary... crunching around in there.  Those look like a great companion to ANYTHING!

 Beautiful biscuits they are! 

Helen cut hers with her bench knife and made the perfect accompaniment for her roast, carrots and potatoes... remnants of our Christmas dinner together Saturday.  While she was putting these puppies together she was also baking a Chocolate on Chocolate birthday cake for her 17 year old grandson.

 I cut my biscuits with the same cutter I use for English Muffins... so they would be small sandwich sized for canadian bacon and egg, or roast beef and melted cheese... with a touch of horseradish...

  A few other things were going on in Barb's kitchen, like creating this awesome Bacon Bread... She sure has that blistered crust method down... Great Dutch Oven, hot pan, hot oven and all that Artisan creativity... Great...  but not enough for one day... She added in Nancy Silverton's Onion Rings... She was baking and frying out of three different cookbooks... What a multitasking wonder she is!

 We again enjoyed our selected bake together to have our sister time, creating something and to share with our families and friends.

Next week we are baking "My Best Pita Bread" page 304, again from Bread Alone... together on Monday... in addition to whatever else is going on!  We will let you know if they puff! ;-) 


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biscuit post and just had to make some for Christmas breakfast.  We loved them with sausage, gravy, over easy eggs, various cheeses and jalapeno orange and raspberry jam.  Thanks for the prod we loved it!

Your biscuits were way more fancy do and they look fantastic.  The bread is now the gold standard for crust and those onion rings are to die for.  What no pictures of the Chocolate /Chocolate Birthday Cake!!  What a tease :-)

Nice baking GMA's-  as usual!

Merry Christmas to you all.

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and sharing with my sisters and with you, our baking friend- We so often follow your lead, it's great to provide an idea for you! I missed the pictures of that chocolate cake too. Now is the time to unwrap the Stollen....such mystery, will it be green, dried up, or moist and tasty?

Merry Christmas to you

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not too green, sort of dry but still tasty sound?  Unwrapping stollen is sort of like like getting one of Santa's presents, where you kind of know what it is but not sure you really want to unwrap it and see how close it came to to your dreams.

I finished up the 1/2 of a biscuit left over this morning.  You forget how great a simple pleasure like a biscuit can be if you haven't had one for a while.  Thanks for the  Holiday treat and kind words.  I'll for sure bake the Easter Rose with you.  Will use David Snyder's Pugliesi Cappriosso (Sp?) as the base bread formula, with a little extra whole grains, this time to make it even more authentic Italian. 

I can't believe my apprentice didn't take one photo of the biscuits to show you GMA's - I wish I didn't have pictures of a Double Chocolate Birthday Cake too!

Happy New Year!