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Baking mishap - cookie pancakes

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Baking mishap - cookie pancakes

I make chocolate chip cookies using a tweaked version of the Ghirardelli recipe on tha back of the bag and I'm not a novice to that recipe - so last week Dad wanted cookies and I decided to use my freshly milled flour (organic hard spring is all the info on the label)  The dough looked fine, it wasn't runny or overly sticky or anything, just a bit darker.  But during baking they oozed and became pancakes!  They were still edible, but they weren't proper cookies.


I'm guessing that the natural oils in the home-milled wheat combined with the butter made them far too oily and I plan to reduce the amount of butter by half the next time I make them. 

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Mini Oven

I haven't had this problem as I haven't a mill but I've read it somewhere here that it is good to age your flour just a little first.  You might have to look around the site...   Mini Oven